August 23, 2009

It's In Our Hands (Björky)

It's In Our Hands (unfinished) from Lazarus Plath on Vimeo.

This is an old experiment to compose trochoid animations with music. I worked organically, starting at the beginning of the song and making shapes for the sounds. These shape animations were composed in a video editing app and I incrementally worked my way through the song, well, I intended to but only made 30 seconds. I was having trouble finding something for the snare at the end of this so I ended there, but the experiment was to test this setup for creating more complex animations, and it was pretty cumbersome. Worse is that the video editing app would show a nice, crisp image in the editor but I could never get it to export a clear movie. I finally found a way to get a quality movie out of this video editing app; made a program that sends it -> keystrokes (advances frame) then saves a screen grab. All those screen grabs are crisp and they were used to make a movie (using QT). It's Nice to finally see a full quality movie of this work. My Vimeo account doesn't have downloads of originals so this is Vimeos recompression which probably looks about the same as the crude exports I got from that video app. It's not really that spectacular, I'm just elated at finally finding a way to get a full quality movie out of that app!!!!

Oh yeah, the music is from Björks single of It's In Our Hands, the Arcade Mix one.

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sam said...

I love Bjork