October 13, 2009

high contrast smooth curves chunkified on vimeo

Sometimes vimeos recompression of a trochoid movie is somewhat chunky, but the strobe movie is really really bad. This shows a frame grab from the original movie and one from about the same place in vimeos streamed content. Is there a trick to getting unnatural, high contrast, crispy animations to look similar on vimeo?

October 12, 2009


Made these motions by swinging a radius in a dampened sine wave. In my app it takes 4 circles to effect a single circles radius moving in this way, and finding the right parameters is almost happenstance. The first graph represents radius over time, with about 10 waves over the animation. The other graphs shows all waves down to 1 which is used in the strobe clip.

hips2 from Lazarus Plath weeee... it's a swing