April 10, 2008

Trochoidal Videos

This first video shows the process of making a rendered movie. About 40 minutes of computer time is compressed to 2 minutes.

These next 3 videos repeat the same animation 4 times to simulate some looping.

The last video is available in this MUCH higher quality file: springs3z.mov.
640x480, 29.97fps, ~12 seconds, looping, quicktime, 8.7mb


sam said...

Skillage my man, pure skill.

sam said...

Had a play and i think i am getting the hand of the interface's intuitive layout. It makes me wonder why circumference for rotations and numbers and 4 circles and relative movement of circumference to radius? i get the circumference rotation idea but i do not see the link to rotations within or without a circle or to the numbers yet.

It's cool stuff though and how do you get the boxes and other shapes in your latest vid?